Give Us Our Goats!

On July 22, Congressional Cemetery planned to host a goat yoga class, capitalizing on the immense popularity of the latest yoga trend to break the internet.  The DC Department of Health has been fighting us every step of the way, investing tons of time and tax dollars into lawyers fees to shut us down every step of the way, citing ridiculous policies that are either incorrect, inconceivable, or in conflict with the other "petting zoo" activities they allow to happen in DC on an annual basis.

credit: CBC

credit: CBC


It's not hard. The cemetery has hosted eco-goats twice and hosts a weekly yoga class, already. Why decline an obvious win for the city, it's resident yogis, and the nations' oldest cemetery which would benefit immensely from the audiences and preservation funds this joyful activity would attract. 

The Washingtonian penned a story, which inspired people to ask what they could do to help us get goat yoga to DC. We created this online petition and penned a pop-ed, which is already inspiring more media interest and signatures.  If you'd like to help us bring down this wasteful, unnecessary bureaucratic choke hold and practice yoga in a beautiful space with 10 adorable baby goats crawling all over you, please sign our petition to say, "Hey DoH, #GiveUsOurGoats!"