Yoga Mortis and Kennedy Center Yoga in this month's Hill Rag

Did you spy, with your yogi eye, both Yoga Mortis and free Kennedy Center yoga in this month's edition of the Hill Rag?  

We're almost to the end of the Yoga Mortis season, so join us Wednesdays at 6pm in the Congressional Cemetery Chapel through our final class on Sept. 27.

Image courtesy of Congressional Cemetery

Image courtesy of Congressional Cemetery

Fortunately, we're not nearing the end of our season for free community yoga at the Kennedy Center, since it was just announced that the program is being extended all the way through next summer, August 2018, and classes are moving to weekly as of this October!  See the schedule for some select holidays that we'll take off, otherwise register to guarantee your spot!  I'll be teaching next on October 28 - and it will be a Harry Potter themed class, so get your want mudras ready for a Wizard's Duel you wont soon forget!