Thirsty for change? Introducing new clean water start up, and new client, Hydroviv!

 Just in time for Water Week in Washington April 15-21, Carnes&Co. has a new client, the water innovators at Hydroviv!

Hydroviv's creator, Dr. Eric Roy, was inspired by the Flint water crisis to come up with a better, longer-term solution for Flint and contaminated water. What he's created in response is a water filtration system that can be customized to the unique water contaminants in a specific location. His team of "water nerds" crawl the EPA, and local government water quality data to find out what the particular contaminants are and then they tailor the filter for that area accordingly. The nerds continue to monitor these quality reports to adjust the filters as necessary and send out revisions, for free, and only use biodegradable packaging.

They started in Flint, and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the product to communities in need. They are now expanding to new markets, and using part of their proceeds to fund their donation of water filters to low income families in need of clean water. 

They rapidly grew out of their original workshop, and just opened up a brick and mortar space in the bustling, growing, Union Market area of DC. Beyond their physical space, their water nerds are actively sharing their knowledge on Water Nerd TV so everyone can stay informed about water quality issues affecting them, and their region. 

So ready to dive in and get wet with this team of mission-minded entreprenuers!