It all started when…

I discovered how hard our bodies have to work to process all the synthetic materials in traditionally scented candles. I couldn't bear give up the romance of an open flame in my own life, so I endeavored to find a better way and in doing so, designed a better product.

The Carnes&Co. product line MOONSTRUCK, was born with all-natural candles, designed from essential oils for each equinox and solstice with a special Eclipse blend to promote clear communications. This creamy blend of organic coconut and American-grown soy wax is hand-poured by a candle artisan in Virginia, for you, with love.

When we saw what was possible, we couldn't stop there. The line grew to include a range handmade spa products and custom laser-cut combs by Cut With Light. Between ingredient sourcing, production, design and delivery, the line supports four small business, three of them local and three of them woman-owned.

See more photos by @L/A Flicks from the March 7, 2018 launch party hosted by HEIST DC, and shop the MOONSTRUCK line.