Founder Kelly Carnes, found her way to the mat as a favor to a friend, and never left. She fell in love at first breath, and the beautiful practice became much more than a habit, it became a lifestyle. She spent three years on the mat before traveling to India to train in teaching, so that she could return an instructor and share the blessings and benefits of yoga with others. While her body came back, part of her soul is still meditating on that beach, which is a big part of why she pursued a career path with more freedom - so she could practice, teach, and not let the daily grind extinguish her bright spirit.

She’s set up public yoga programs at both the Hirshhorn, and the Kennedy Center - attracting hundreds of yogis to new spaces and associating them with mindbody wellness. She also inspired a yoga program at Historic Congressional Cemetery, “Yoga Mortis” where she now teaches, weekly. She’s also developed a “Zombie Yoga” class specifically for the space, which speaks to her unique teaching style. She loves composing her classes to epic movie soundtracks, with creative sequencing to move the body and breath into shapes that tell stories. She’s found this approach to be a fun and familiar way to create accessible entry-points for intimidated yogis who are eager to experience something new.


During the summer Kelly teaches a regular weekly class at Congressional Cemetery called, "Yoga Mortis, " which is a 60 minute, all-levels vinyasa class every Wednesday at 6pm in the Historic Congressional Cemetery Chapel. No sign-up necessary, and the suggested donation of $15 helps fund historic preservation of the nation's oldest cemetery. Stay tuned here for schedule updates or the Cemetery's website and social media platforms.

video credit: Colleen McCartney

Kelly inspired and manages the free community yoga program at the Kennedy Center. Classes are FREE and open to the public every Saturday through August 2018. She teaches next:


Photos from the June 24 Lord of the Rings-inspired class here.

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 Kennedy Center Grand Foyer, image credit: Patrick Rey

Kennedy Center Grand Foyer, image credit: Patrick Rey

 Kennedy Center Rooftop Terrace

Kennedy Center Rooftop Terrace


Kennedy Center

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Previous PROGRAM:

Kelly originated and organized the first free community yoga program a the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, which took place every Friday morning on the scenic plaza and attracted hundreds of yogis to experience and enjoy the space.

Smithsonian's Hirshhorn and Sculpture Garden


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